Angeleye Business Solutions Limited S.A.
An Overview of Angeleye Business Solutions
Angeleye Business Solutions trades internationally and is headquartered in Panama. We have a network of highly professional, knowledgeable staff and representatives in many Countries around the globe, assisting our Clients in various aspects of their businesses via our range of services, including:
  • Business introductions
  • Branding & rebranding
  • Consultancy & advisory
  • Tendering & renegotiations
We specialize in working with start-up Companies to ensure they create a consistent brand that is striking and captivating to the target audience. Another critical part of our work is to analyse and report on the positive and negative considerations of employing staff directly versus outsourcing labour; we believe that mistakes in this area regularly prove fatal to a business. As well as working with start-up firms, we continue to succeed in helping larger corporations to maximise their profits by ensuring their existing ways are as economical as possible.

Through the course of business over the years, we have built a network of business to business service providers, all of whom we would not hesitate to use ourselves if required and this network is an additional benefit we provide to you when you engage our services. By acting upon our recommendation, you will save time, effort and money not having to trawl directories, as well as having added piece of mind that your new contact came via a recommendation. We can make certain introductions for you without the need to utilize our other services and at no cost to you because we have an introducerís fee agreement in place with the third party.

Our wholesale supplies division offers alcohol, soft drinks, teas, coffee, sugar, toiletries, cosmetics and various other products on a wholesale basis at competitive prices. Please contact us with your enquiry and we will utilise our global supply network to try to meet your requirements.
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